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Delux’s production is fully integrated, providing control over every step and variable. From the arrival of textiles to producing our own pocket springs,constructing bed frames made of local timber, fiber carding, quilting and stitching – all the magic happens under the same roof. This helps ensure consistent quality, speed and better prices for our customers. All our spring beds undergo intensive tests regarding their function and quality. Only this way can we guarantee not only their comfort, but also their long life. We guarantee this longevity by
providing 25-year warranty for pocket springs and frame parts.

Bed frame

The bedstead of a proper box-spring bed should have a slatted base. The solid untreated wooden slatted bases allow air to pass freely beneath your bed, keeping your mattress fresh for a longer time. Moisture is effectively removed. The purpose of box-spring is to absorb shock and to create a flat and firm structure for the mattress to lie upon. Working together the box, mattress and mattress topper make up a sophisticated sleep system. Delux box-spring bed consists of multiple spring systems for maximum support and pressure point relief, layers of breathing materials creating the ultimate natural ventilation system.


When selecting the best mattress for back pain, most people equate firmness with support and softness with comfort. However the best method for evaluating a mattress is to examine how it supports the spine. Maximum comfort and health can only be achieved if your muscles can completely relax and your spine is supported in proper alignment. The mattress is supposed to adjust to your body so that your spine is straight and can relax. If the mattress is too firm, your body will not be aligned perfectly and that means more pressure for your body and a disturbed night’s sleep.

Mattress topper

Visco-elastic foam toppers are regularily used in medical institutions because of their pressure relieving properties. The foam used in the construction of Delux’s memory foam or latex toppers reacts to both pressure and temperature. This combined with its greater density are properties that give them their characteristic ‘weightlessness’ sensation.