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Piano Natura


Piano Natura

High-quality, zoned mattress with pocketed coils, soft and with a washable cover.

Piano Nature mattresses include four softness options, Delux Corvus fabric (44% viscose, 56% polyester), and Aircell upholstery. Thanks to the zip in the middle of the mattress, the cover can be removed for washing. The mattress fabric complies with the international Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This means that the materials contain no substances that would be harmful to people and they have been manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Mattress dimensions: 80 x 200 cm; 90 x 200 cm; 105 x 200 cm; 120 x 200 cm; 140 x 200 cm; 160 x 200 cm; 180 x 200 cm; 200 x 200 cm

Piano Natura

Technical Specifications

35kg/m3 HR foam
Pocket Springs
Coil height 13 cm; 230 coils/m2
Airella upholstery (300 g/m2)