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The story of Delux
Welcome to the beautiful world of Delux Dreams!

Welcome to the beautiful world of Delux Dreams!

We live two lives – one during the day, and the other at night. Without nightly rest, it would be impossible to enjoy our days. Our fate is therefore directly linked to how well we sleep. In Delux we know this, so we seek to give people the energy to make the most of every waking hour – rested, healthy, and with a clear mind.

Behind these wishes stands the Sjöholm family: Göran, the driven father, and his daughters Heidi, Jenny and Siv. The company has Finnish roots and the products are lovingly made in the Estonian town of Viljandi, where 300 employees merge modern technology with the best materials to produce quilts, pillows, mattresses and beds. The family business is infused with caring, a sense of family, and belonging. These values are also the foundation for the Delux brand. The Delux success story is the story of a family and the fulfillment of their dreams. As Göran likes to say, “Delux is our story.” It is his wish that the warmth of the Sjöholm family will radiate from every Delux product.

Delux cares for your life at night, so you’re prepared for tomorrow.


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“May your dreams come true!”
Why choose Delux?
The Company

Why choose Delux?

* The unique design of the beds offered in our carefully selected and regularly updated collection is always modern, beautiful, and of high quality.
* Tailor-made beds – You can order a car with selected extras and you could do the same with our beds: you can bundle our beds and design the most suitable version for yourself.


* The selection includes many different headboards, bed legs, integrated lighting for both reading and floor lighting.
You can also add a motor system, in which the head and bottom parts of the mattress can be lifted separately with a remote, you can also add a massage function. A TV has been hidden into the footboard and it reveals itself with a simple touch of a button. Lots of options for spring density, mattress strength, not to mention different bed sizes. Our fabric selection includes more than 300 different fabrics.

* Providing full service complex – in the shops of Delux Dreams, professional, helpful, always friendly and smiling assistants advise our customers, helping to make the best choices regarding the customer’s wishes and style from receiving the order, designing the furniture to organising transport and installation.

* Good shop locations – free parking for customers.

* Working with the customers without mediators.

* Affordable prices – we sell directly from the manufacturer and can offer consumer-friendly prices, saving 30%.

* Outlet – we also have Outlet departments where we make room for new collection! Outlet category includes products soon to be out of the range and sample beds, which are usually single copies.