Good to know

We know that a good bed with the right pillow and a quilt can make all the difference. Good quality bedding products can save you up to an hour of creative time a day and they are essential for your health.
We want to help people understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and help them get it too! So here are some tips how to stay healthy and have a relaxing sleep. Enjoy!

Delux newest smart technology, developed together with Japanese MATSUSHITA Industrial Co., Ltd., gives you an optimal pressure release. Your body is supported by the spring system which is divided into several zones. Your body sinks deeper into the mattress until it gets the right degree of support. All springs are individually wrapped in a textile pocket.

A mattress that is too firm can create pressure on your joints that cause tossing and turning during the night (shown in red and orange color). Low pressure sleep surfaces dis-tribute body mass over a larger area and do not cause pressure on your joints. A mattress that suits your body will provide pressure relief for your joints (shown in green and blue color).

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